Sunday, December 9, 2012

What's it like to be @KDTrey5?

KD was the NBA's leading scorer in the 2011-2012 season
Fans’ perception and thoughts of Kevin Durant are far from what I expected.  Just take a look at his Twitter page.  Obviously since Kevin Durant is a professional athlete, I figured nearly every tweet at him would involve a comment towards the way he plays the game of basketball.  Many people did tweet about his game when I took a look at his interactions, but that was simply not the case all of the time.  For simplicity, I took a look at the last 50 @KDTrey5 tweets and placed them into four categories: looks, play, clothing, and miscellaneous.

17 out of the 50 tweets directed at Kevin Durant were tweets about the way he looks and his appearance.  Who would have thought people would be tweeting about Kevin Durant’s looks; he’s a 6’11’’ skinny dude.  “@KDTrey5 is my boo <3,” is what @Itstrianamily said.  One very interesting note that I noticed while doing this analysis is that of the 13 women who tweeted within these 50 tweets, nine of them tweeted about Kevin Durant’s looks.

21 out of the 50 tweets @KDTrey5 received were targeted at his play.  Tweets directed at his play did end up being the majority, but only four more tweets were about his play rather than his looks.  Because Kevin Durant is easily a top five player in the NBA right now, I figured this number would be much higher.  “But @KDTrey5 over both Lebron and mello” is what @KayGee_OrDie said.  If the NBA was in season, I believe my thought would have been more accurate.

Kevin Durant's customized shoes
Only 3 out of 50 tweets were about Kevin Durant’s clothing.  This category was bound to be much smaller than the rest because it is so specific.  Perhaps if Durant sold as much merchandise as Michael Jordan he would have received more than 3 tweets about clothing, but the fact of the matter is that most people do not know Kevin Durant for his style.  Most of that is left to Russell Westbrook.

These tweets were either very vague or fell into completely different categories.  For example, I read two tweets that were hoping someone would come out with another Kevin Durant movie, and others talking about how bad his new movie is.  Here is an example: “The fact that Kevin Durant's movie was about as bad as "Crossover" starring Hot Sauce lol.”  Miscellaneous tweets totaled 9 out of 50.

Draw your own conclusions and think what you want, but many people are not concerned with Kevin Durant’s remarkable basketball skills.  Obviously without them, he would not be a public figure, but the fact that he is a fantastic player does not mean that is what most fans focus on when tweeting @KDTrey5.

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